Building Covenants

The Pinot Grove Subdivision has been planned as a premium residential subdivision featuring contemporary homes set in extensively landscaped surroundings.

Particular care has been taken to ensure details such as roads, footpaths, landscape planting, hedging, street lights and other public spaces achieve a high quality development. It is intended that these high standards will be continued in the design of buildings and landscaping on each individual site. These development guidelines are intended to assist owners to achieve coherence between all the elements of the subdivision with high standards of workmanship and innovative building design.

All building development and landscaping on individual sites within the subdivision will require the prior approval of Pinot Grove Ltd (referred to in these guidelines as The Developer). These guidelines (as amended and changed from time to time by The Developer) will provide the framework against which all building proposals are considered. This is intended to benefit all buyers by promoting, sympathetic and contemporary designs which will enhance values for all buyers in the subdivision. These guidelines are intended to provide comfort to buyers as to what neighbours can and cannot do.

 Click here to open the full range of covenants which are designed to preserve and enhance the value for owners in Pinot Grove.



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