Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Residents Association?

A Residents Association has been created as an incorporated society. It will manage the recreation reserve and the landscaping for the benefit of all owners and residents and set the annual levies for maintaining the grounds and recreation reserve. The association will have representation from both the developer and residents.

Residents Association Levies - How much and what do they cover?

The Residents Association levies are currently set at $980 per annum per resident and will cover the costs of:

  • Swimming Pool maintenance and running costs
  • Tennis Court maintenance
  • Maintaining the hedge rows on all section boundaries (including those on road frontages and adjoining your neighbours property)
  • Maintaining the external boundary fences
  • Mowing the grass berms (to avoid the overgrown Auckland style berms)

The roads, streetlights and footpaths have vested to South Wairarapa District Council who are responsible for their maintenance. Pinot Grove does include some private right of ways which have been sealed by the developer. These will not vest to council and the responsibility for the shared management and maintenance will fall on the relevant owners. Residents Association levies are set at $980 per annum per resident. Spreading the costs between the large number of owners allows these costs to be kept to an absolute minimum. Each owner will have a vote to form a management committee which will take day to day decisions on running the facilities. Unlike a body corporate there are no large overhead costs. The final numbers will be determined by a proportionate share in actual costs which will be determined by the owners. For example if the residents elect to trim hedges once a year instead of twice then this will be reflected in the total levies.

What is the Recreation Reserve?

The Recreation Reserve is a family friendly reserve comprising:

  • Swimming Pool – 20m x 5m. This is long enough for lane swimming. The pool will be heated in summer and available for use during daylight hours.
  • Tennis Court – High quality Astroturf.
  • Petanque Court – Limechip
  • Commercial Grade Spring-Free Trampoline
  • Open Reserve – for family cricket, touch rugby, kite flying, bike riding, etc

The pool and tennis court is for residents use only with controlled access. The Recreation Reserve is not intended for socialising after dark and therefore will not include BBQ, Spa Pool, stereo or floodlighting on the tennis court.

Are titles issued?

Titles have now been issued for all sold sections and existing houses. Other titles are available as needed when sections sell. Remaining sections are amalgamated into one titles and separated out as required. All conditions of the resource consent for the subdivision have been met and signed off by the South Wairarapa District Council.

Are the services on town supply?

Yes. Pinot Grove has town supply water, sewerage and underground power. Storm water (rain water from the roof) needs to be discharged into soak pits on your section. Fibre is laid underground to the edge of your section to enable high speed internet. Pinot Grove is the only place that this is available in Martinborough. Rubbish and recycling is collected from your gate on Burgundy Drive or Tuscan Lane (but not from right of ways).

How long does it take to build a house?

We have some show homes available to move into now, although there are not many left. Other homes take between 2-7 months depending upon what we currently have available. Contact us to discuss what you’d like.

Can I place a hold on a house or section?

You may hold a section or house briefly whilst you complete your due diligence. This is a very informal arrangement for a short time and if you wish to have legal protection over a particular site you will need to sign a contract. This can be conditional.

Can I build a garage?

Yes of course. Garage pricing can vary a lot depending upon what you are after. Not just the size but also the cladding and options like adding water and electricity all have an impact. All garages must be in keeping with the Pinot Grove covenants. Contact us for indicative pricing.

Are there other house options?

Yes. We are working on some other designs (especially 2 bedrooms). We welcome your input so let us know what you might be considering. The houses that you see can be recreated with alternative floor plans and a variety of options. Please get in touch to discuss.

Can I buy a vacant section?

Yes. There are a range of sizes and options available. We are happy to offer either a house and land package or you are welcome to buy a blank canvas and build your own master piece.

Do you have finance available?

Yes. Talk to us about your own position and what you need.

Are the roads private or council owned?

The two main roads (Burgundy Drive and Tuscan Lane) have been vested to the South Wairarapa District Council. This means that SWDC is responsible for maintenance, resealing, services and street lighting. The short right of ways are privately owned by the properties that use them.

Are we allowed fences?

Yes. And No. The hedges must be maintained on all road frontages. Hedges can be replaced with fences between two adjoining properties if both parties agree. You are free to build fences inside of your hedges. Some residents wanting to dog or child proof their sections have successfully built wire mesh fencing inside the hedge. The hedge grows back through the mesh and the section becomes dog proof whilst still retaining the visual appeal of the hedging.

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